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Trust Rank Algorithm

TrustRank is a system for automatically separating "spam" Web pages from "good" ones. Google registered the trademark for TrustRank on March 16 - does this mean we can look forward to less spam in our Google search results? TrustRank can be use to

  • automatically boost pages that have a high probablility of being good, as well as demote the rankings of pages that have a high probability of being bad.
  • help search engines identify what pages should be good canidates for quality review

Some common ideas that TrustRank is based upon:

  • Good pages rarely link to bad ones. Bad pages often link to good ones in an attempt to improve hub scores.
  • The care with which people add links to a page is often inversely proportional to the number of links on the page.
  • Trust score is attenuated as it passes from site to site.
Trust Rank Algorithm explained here.


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