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Fuell cell battery

IBM and Sanyo Electric Co. Ltd announced plans to create a prototype notebook with computer batteries made out of a fuel cell system.The two companies have joined together to develop a battery that could last up to 8 hours on long-lasting fuel cell technology, unlike the current battery which must be recharged every 2 to 6 hours. The fuel would be a combination of hydrogen and oxygen, which would mix to generate electricity. It is considered to be the next-generation replacement for batteries. "This is quite a new concept that utilizes both micro fuel cells and rechargeable batteries," said Mitsuru Homma, group executive of Sanyo's Power Solutions group. "This hybrid system could enable the user to efficiently operate IBM's ThinkPad notebooks for a longer time compared to systems with only a fuel cell while also providing the convenience of an AC cordless," Homma added. At a joint briefing in Tokyo Monday, the two companies showed off a prototype of hybrid system. Source- Google News


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