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Tiger Unleashed

Mac OS X Tiger changes the way we use a computer. Breakthrough search technology, stunning graphics and media, unparalleled connectivity, an intuitive user interface and a virtual toolbox chock full of cleverly integrated features — all atop a rock-solid UNIX foundation — give us the most innovative, stable and compatible desktop operating system on the planet. SpotLight

Spotlight for Mac OS X Tiger lets us blaze through all of your files and applications and see results as soon as you type the very first letter. That’s because Spotlight indexes every file on our computer transparently and in the background, so we never experience lag times or slowdowns. And when we make a change, such as adding a new file, receiving an email or entering a new contact, Spotlight updates its index automatically, so search results are always up-to-the-moment accurate.(I think all the desktop searches must improve in the lines of spotlight). Dashboard
Dashboard is home to widgets: mini-applications that let you perform common tasks and provide you with fast access to information. With a single click, Dashboard appears, complete with widgets that bring you a world of information — real-time weather, stock tickers, flight information and more — instantly. Dashboard disappears just as easily, so we can get back to what we were doing. What’s on Board Tiger includes a suite of widgets to get you started, and we can add more anytime. With so many widgets at your disposal, the Widget Bar comes in handy. Along with the above Dictionary and Address book there are many more widgets. Automator
Automator comes complete with a library of hundreds of Actions. Each Action is designed to perform a single task, such as finding linked images in a web page, renaming a group of files or creating a new event in an iCal calendar. Actions from the Automator library are added in sequence to a Workflow document. Each Action in the Workflow corresponds to an individual step that you would normally do to accomplish your task. The results of one action are seamlessly passed to the next action. For example, we can rename a group of image files so they all share the same base name but are numbered sequentially (ProductShot001.jpg, ProductShot002.jpg, etc.) in seconds. Once they’re renamed, Automator can automatically scale every image, create an archive and then attach it to a new email message and send the message. After you create a Workflow, you execute it by clicking the Run button in the Workflow document window. Automator performs each step in the Workflow in order until your work is done.


Anonymous Smruthi said...

Ya you are right. Mac has excellent features.

4/24/2005 10:54:00 PM  
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