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Yahoo! takes on Skype

The Yahoo! Internet portal is extending the use of its VoIP capacity built into its Instant Messenger product to take on Skype. The company says that within the next few days it will be debuting a new service 'Phone Out', with cheap call charges from computers to phones, and 'Phone In', a budget priced subscription service for phone callers to call computer users. Using the Phone Out service, calls to the US will cost $0.01 per minute to the US and less than US cents per minute to more than 30 international countries, including Argentina, Australia, China, France, Germany, Italy, Japan and Korea. Yahoo! will also offer pay-as-you-go credit in $10 and $25 increments. The current SkypeOut rate is 1.2p or €0.017 or US $0.023 per minute for calls to most popular destinations around the world. Yahoo! is not entirely new to the VoIP market. The company has been offering voice services via Yahoo! Instant Messenger product for some years. However, the calls were only between IM users only which remain free. This is the first time that the Internet portal has launched VoIP as a major initiative in its own right and is clearly a stab at both Google's recent Click to Call promotion and VoIP pioneer Skype. Further details of Yahoo!'s VoIP pricing policy are at


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