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Samsung produces 3GB mobile

Samsung has announced a 3GB mobile phone - the largest memory capacity ever seen in a mobile. The SPH-V7900 can also function as a portable storage device for computers, Samsung said. It can hold 700 music files and store up to 2,400 contact details.

Most mobile phones in use have about 100MB of memory, thirty times less than Samsung's new model.

Samsung SPH-V7900 final

The SPH-V7900 phone also has a two cameras, one with two-megapixel resolution, two screens, video playback, an MP3 player, a twist-flip format, and dual speakers. It has an e-mail function and a file viewer supporting MS Office files, pdf format documents, text and jpeg images.

The battery gives 4.5 hours of talk and 200 hours standby. No battery drain figures are given for functions using the hard drive but it to be significant. The phone has no price-tag, no release date and is only theoretically available in Korea for now.


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