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Disney to Sell $50 Mix Sticks MP3 Players

Walt Disney Company announced it plans to sell $50 flash-based portable music players for kids and "tweens" called Mix Sticks in major retailers and at its online store beginning in mid-October. The players will be available in four styles—Chrome, Forever Princess, That's So Raven, and Sassy Pixie—and support MP3 and WMA audio files, as well as standard data storage. Mix Sticks feature playback controls which form a silhouette head of Mickey Mouse.

The Disney Mix Stick is shown in an undated publicity photo released September 29, 2005. The Walt Disney Company announced that it would sell the $49.99 portable music MP3 player for children, which holds about 60 songs on an internal 128 megabyte storage card. The player's capacity may be expanded an additional gigabyte. (Walt Disney Company/Handout/Reuters)
Disney Mix Sticks, about the size of a pack of gum, hold about 60 songs on an internal 128 megabyte storage card and can hold additional 1-gigabyte memory cards. They also can play songs sold on small memory cards.128 MB build-in memory, with option to add more for a total of 1G


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