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Yahoo! Toolbar for Mozilla Firefox

Yahoo! Toolbar Product Manager Jon Granrose writes in with news that version 1.0 of the Yahoo! Toolbar for Mozilla Firefox is now available: "We just released the first non-beta Yahoo! Toolbar for Firefox. All the usual good stuff such as portable bookmarks, plus a resizable search box, right-mouse-click and open in tab for toolbar buttons, and support for trunk builds, among other things."

The official Yahoo! Search Blog has a post with more details about the Yahoo! Toolbar 1.0 for Firefox. As well as the new functionality that Jon mentioned, this latest version also adds several other new tools, including the ability to add RSS and Atom feeds to My Yahoo! using the Live Bookmarks icon on the Status Bar. It also retains all the features from the beta versions, such as new mail notification for Yahoo! Mail.

Yahoo! made their first beta version of the Yahoo! Toolbar for Firefox available in February. An April upgrade saw the Yahoo! Toolbar for Firefox gain support for Mac OS X and Linux.

Yahoo! rival Google released a beta version of the Google Toolbar for Firefox earlier this month, Amazon's search engine has had a Firefox toolbar since last year and Ask Jeeves started offering a toolbar for Firefox in March.


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