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Microsoft revs up Windows for cars

Microsoft today unveiled Windows Automotive 5.0, the latest version of its operating system designed for in-vehicle computers running navigation, entertainment and communication systems. Based on the real-time embedded Windows CE 5.0, Windows Automotive 5.0 has been designed to integrate with services offering real-time traffic updates, directions to the cheapest petrol in town, turn-by-turn navigation and more.

Windows Automotive 5.0 features enhancements including the Automotive User Interface Toolkit which enables the creation of 3D graphics and advanced navigation displays.

The platform's multimedia functions have been boosted with the addition of DirectShow which supports a variety of digital media including Windows Media Audio, MP3 and DVD.

Expanding virtual memory support to 96MB allows for larger and more sophisticated applications, such as improved speech recognition, better graphics and 3D navigation.

In addition Microsoft said that enhanced power management and faster cold-boot times have been added to the latest release.

The OS supports Bluetooth, 802.11, UPnP, USB, XML, Soap and other common connectivity standards.

"The release of Windows Automotive 5.0 marks an important step in the company's continued collaboration with the automotive industry," said Todd Warren, corporate vice president of the Devices, Services and eXperience group at Microsoft.

Windows Automotive 5.0 was co-developed by Microsoft teams in Redmond and Tokyo in an effort to meet the differing needs of the automotive industry worldwide.


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