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Intel back with a bang

In the last couple of months, it has been very much about AMD(Advanced Micro Devices) and their innovations. They took the initiative with their desktop processors capable of running 64-Bit applications and later they also practically dominated Intel in the speed game with their latest processors capable of faster speeds than the fastest Intel Processors available. In fact, AMD have again taken the initiative in the multicore technology based processors with the demonstration of a working Dual Dual -Core Athlon 64 Processor which they plan to bring to the retail market in the second half of the current year.

However, Intel seems to have returned to the main scene again. They kick off their developer’s conference in San Francisco . Critics say that this conference will see the sleeping monster wake up again with new announcements and releases that would bring it to the front page of the newspapers and magazines all around the world.

Reports say that the Intel Executives should be releasing details and launch products for the laptops,media center PCs , consumer electronics, and computers with more than one processor core. Some of these announcements/releases might prove to be quite a challenge for the competition in the form of AMD who have seen their share prices taken a hit in the recent days.

Intel has practically caught up with every product release from AMD in the recent history with their latest announcements. In addition, AMD is in quite some trouble of their own with their bottom-line. They recently reported a surprising $30 million loss, which the market analysts claim is based on poor sales of a memory product manufactured by AMD, which is used in digital cameras and other consumer devices.


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