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IE is Worthless

You may or may not know, but there are other browsers out there than internet explorer, and you should use any one of them over it. there are many problems with IE, among them being non-standard rendering of html and css. this means that a web page could look the same in all other browsers, and be completely screwed in IE. unfortunately, IE is still the most widely used browser, mainly because it comes with windows, and most people don't even know any alternatives (besides netscape, which has had it's own problems but is now fairly superior to IE.)

Another glaring issue with IE is the fact that it continually has gaping security holes (which have garnered it the nickname INTERNET EXPLOITER) built in that allow access to your computer to viruses.

In the name of your own security, and in the name of proper rendering, research and choose a browser that is more compiant, safe, and, best of all, NOT contolled by microsoft. my browser of choice is mozilla's firefox.

More pages that show how meager IE really is:

I think the first time you'll get a Microsoft product that doesn't suck will be on the day they start producing vacuum cleaners.


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