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Happy New Year

May the year 2005 give you -
Independence of Java, Power of Unix,
Popularity of Windows, Extensibility of J2EE, Luxury of .Net,
Efficiency of C, Ease of VB, Robustness of Oracle,
Vision of UML, Simplicity of HTML, Style of Mac,
Dexterity of Photoshop, Enormity of 3D Max,
Vastness of Internet, Compactness of JPG,
Richness of BMP, Coverage as Yahoo, Reach of Google,
Prudence of Froogle, Security of Norton & McAfee,
Intelligence of Unreal, Realism of Max Payne, Speed of NFS,
Fun of RoadRash, Intelligence of Chessmaster,
Impression of Quake3........


Blogger M Cat said...

Happy New Year to you as well!! I hope that 2005 brings us all that you mentioned and more. The tech world can only get better!

1/04/2005 02:10:00 AM  

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