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Free Legal 3D Computer Animation Software Used in Movies: Ever wonder what Hollywood uses tocreate 3D animations like Shrek and Ice Age. What do they use to renderthe stunts and visual effects in movies like Spiderman and Charlie'sAngels. They use the 3D computer animation software Maya from AliasSystems. Luckily, Alias provides a Personal Learning Edition of Mayafree! It only supports Mac and Windows 2000/XP. You can either order it on a CD or download it. I found an unofficial mirror at a messageboard. Visit it here: Try Linux Easily and Safely (You don't even need a hard disk!): Wanna try Linux but you just don't want the hassle of installing it? Toinstall it, you have to resize your Windows partition, create a newpartition, format it, add a boot manager, and much more! It?s so muchwork (not to mention the possible data loss). All you want to do is TRYLinux, not permanently use it! Well I heard about this thing fromTechTV. This Linux distribution is called Knoppix. It is a"live-on-cd" operating system. All you have to do is turn on thecomputer and pop in the CD. The operating system runs off the CD andRAM! You don't even need a hard disk! Just download the ISO image fromthe web site, burn it on a CD and reboot. Download Any Dynamic Link Library File (.dll) for Free: I came across a really useful site Of all the DLL download sites I've seen, this one was the most comprehensive and least annoying! Visit Watch out though! Since visitors make contributions, some DLLs may be virus infected! Use a virus scanner.


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