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Yahoo!'s Photomail

The portal and search engine company offers another online tool; this one lets you e-mail 300 digital photos to your friends. In a Reuters article, the Sunnyvale-based portal and search company announced a new service for its users. As a test version, users will be able to send up to 300 pictures to a recipient. Features like captions and borders can be added to each picture. Some minor editing may be performed on photos as well. And in addition to e-mailing photos to others, users will be able to store an unlimited number of photos on Yahoo's computers, with a Yahoo account. While most Web-based e-mail services would have users send photos as attachments, and limit the number of attachments by a certain number of megabytes, Yahoo's PhotoMail will let users place photos directly within the body of an e-mail message. Yahoo has not posted details about PhotoMail on its web site yet.


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